Growin’ It:

Two Roads

Growin’ It: Two Roads

In this episode of Growin’ It, Andy Huddleston of Wyatt Insurance sits down with Adam Slack of Two Roads, a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping company. Adam himself isn’t actually an accountant by trade, but after his family’s businesses made some major changes due to the 2008 recession, he saw a market that was ripe for disruption. 

Two Roads’ accountants utilize what they call a “stack” of technology to quickly and efficiently show business owners their expenses, profit, payroll, and more. Business owners may sometimes feel like their accounting and bookkeeping departments are an unknown to them. Two Roads’ utilization of technology and the cloud allows them to show CFOs, CEOs, and business owners where their businesses are at in real-time. 

In an effort to employ the brightest and best, their employees are from around the country. They have employees in more than 15 states and clients in more than 25 states. By utilizing technology, they can be a geographically neutral company. 

Adam discusses how their early customers and business partners helped them grow and overcome the initial pains and learning curves of being a new business. Two Roads’ ability to pivot and change course when something is not working, or is becoming outdated, is what has helped keep them at the forefront of technological advances in their field. 

“You do you. You be you. You go out into the marketplace and you start a business that you think is going to be best. And then every single minute you can listen to customers as best you can. Listen to customers. I try to go sit down with them….And just say, ‘How are we doing? What do you like? What do you don’t like?’ Even today, we’ve pivoted about a hundred times,” says Adam on his advice for approaching a business and receiving feedback from clients. 


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