With National Tire Safety Week upon us, Ray Fisher III from Fisher Tire talks with Avery from Wyatt Insurance about what this week entails and how you can stay safe on the road by learning the importance of care and maintenance of your tires. We also dive into the lasting legacy that Fisher Tire has made within our community. 

1. How did Fisher Tire begin?

Ray Fisher Sr., Ray’s grandfather, started the business in 1948. It started as a Texaco gas station before converting into a recapping station for tires, which sparked interest in the community and put them on the map. In 1970, Ray Fisher Jr. opened the Bearden location and by 1990 they opened their third location in Farragut. For the past 66 years, they have impacted the community with excellent service and have created lasting customer relationships throughout the Knoxville area.

2. What other services do you all do?

At Fisher Tire you can expect not tire service, but also quality auto service for all car maintenance and repairs. Including brakes, AC, an oil change, steering and suspension system repairs, diagnostics, transmission repairs, and electrical system repairs prepared by ASE-certified technicians.

3. Why do I need to regularly rotate and look at my tires?

By routinely rotating your tires, wear is spread evenly across all four tires, and their tread is maximized. This is because each specific position on your vehicle requires a different give from each tire. Not rotating and taking precautions in your tire treads can wear down the tires unevenly to create a rough and potentially unstable driving surface. Depending on the type of car you own, your tires will wear at different rates. For example, a front-wheel-drive car wears on the front tires more, which is why places like Fisher Tire continue to regularly rotate your tires so you get the most out of your tires while also staying safe. 

4. What does National Tire Safety Week mean to Fisher Tire?

Fisher Tire will always check the air pressure in your tires complimentary. If you purchase your tires from them, they will rotate them for free. Tires are one of the most important aspects of your car and National Tire Safety Week is a week to remember that. This year the theme of National Tire Safety Week is “Do Your P.A.R.T., Know Your Roll,” which is designed to educate the consumers about the importance of tire maintenance and care. The acronym P.A.R.T. is used to help drivers remember to check their tires’ Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, and Tread.

5. What are some of the nonprofits that you all are involved in?

Ray Fisher Jr. worked closely with Mission of Hope and they have continued to work with them through the years. This year on Thursday, September 16, Mission of Hope is putting on a golf tournament and registration is still open. Mission of Hope works closely with kids as they head back to school in the coming fall, specifically in the rural Appalachian area. They plan to give 12,000 kids from 30 different schools with school supplies, backpacks, and hygiene items. In addition to Mission of Hope, Fisher Tire also supports the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Rotary Club, and the Boys and Girls Club.

You can find Fisher Tire on Facebook and Twitter at Fisher Tire. or their website at www.fishertirecompany.com. They have three locations around the Knoxville area including one in Bearden, Farragut, and Broadway. Head to their website for more information and don’t forget to get your tires checked this week. Head over to the US Tire Manufacturing Association to learn more about tire safety and how you can do your part this week and every week.

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