For the past 17 years, Thrive Creative Group has been creating content, solving problems, and helping people look professional through graphic design, web design, and marketing services. Avery with Wyatt Insurance visits Lorilee Rager, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Thrive Creative Group in Clarksville, Tennessee. In this Five Question Friday episode, Lorilee walks us through the ins and outs of helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations’ marketing efforts flourish. 

1. What is Thrive Creative Group, and how did it start?

Lorilee Rager started Thrive in 2004. She was working in Nashville for a hotel corporation doing their graphic design. Lorilee has always had a passion for graphic design. She loves using graphic design to fix problems, help people, and improve their brand. Friends and family began asking her to help them with their design needs, which organically turned into her own small business. Thrive Creative group has graphic design, web design, and different marketing services available. 

2. How does Thrive adapt to each business’ needs?

Lorilee started to notice that clients and long-time family friends couldn’t afford to have a full-time web designer, a full-time marketing manager, and a full-time graphic designer. It was just too much. Lorilee realized that by building her own team of marketing professionals, they could meet this huge need for business owners. From this realization, Thrive Creative Group was born. Their structure allows businesses to have a team of eight professionals in different fields, all utilizing their unique talents for that one common goal for the business owner. 

3. Is there one point of contact, or do you hear from different team members?

When a new client approaches Thrive Creative Group, they walk in the doors meeting Lorilee and the marketing managers. They sit down and decide what the business’s goals are, what message they want on social media, and where they would like to be within a specific time period. Once TCG and the client establish their goals, the team collaborates to begin working towards their client’s goals. 

4. What is your favorite type of project?

Lorilee’s favorite type of project is making someone look professional. By learning a client’s personality, behavior style, and passions, Lorilee and her team can create individualized content for their social media and website. The goal is to get that visual to instantly communicate who the client is and what matters to them. 

5. Who is Thrive Creative Group’s mascot?

Emma is the office’s mascot that keeps everyone in check and happy. Emma is a French bulldog. She is always around to welcome new clients and to say hi to old clients. Emma loves being in the office and looking out into the parking lot. If you’ll play catch and throw with her, she will become your new best friend. 

To keep in touch and check out Thrive Creative Group head over to their website and check them out on Instagram at Thrive Creative. You can find Thrive Creative off Memorial Drove in Clarksville, Tennessee.

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