It is your time to spring into action and discover a new workout, or even a career, that is suitable for you. Avery with Wyatt Insurance visits Katy Richardson at Neighborhood Barre to learn more about Katy’s business journey and what it means to her to be a successful, female business owner. In this Five Question Friday episode you will learn how Neighborhood barre is not your average barre by following along Katy’s business journey from being an internal accounting auditor to becoming her own fitness boutique owner. 


1.What is Neighborhood Barre?

 Neighborhood Barre is a fitness studio that offers group workouts that exercise your entire body via in-person, on-demand, and live-stream. This low-impact workout involves an isometric technique that offers full range and full body elements to increase your heart rate. 


2. What made Katy want to switch her career path ? 

 After working toward her CPA as internal auditor, Katy decided that working stationed at a desk was not for her. She became involved in fitness and decided to branch out and start her own boutique fitness studio, which we now know as Neighborhood Barre.


3. What does it mean to be a “Franchise” and how did you decide this route

 In 2015, Katy began to franchise the Neighborhood Barre concept. Her strategy was based on slow and strategic growth. She took a hands-on approach by beginning to grow near her corporate location here in Knoxville. She later expanded to other cities and now has 17 locations.   


4. What is your favorite part of being a female business owner?

 As a female business owner Katy has had the opportunity to work with instructors and franchisees cross the South. Katy recently won the Knoxville Chamber’s Pinnacle Woman-Owned Business Excellence Award and it was through that application process that she had the opportunity to reflect and recognize her achievements as a female business owner. Katy remarked that one of the most rewarding parts of her career is that other women are also able to become female business owners when they open one of her franchises. 


5.What is your favorite barre move? 

 Katy’s favorite barre move is anything that works on the glutes. Exercising and making your glutes stronger can help when working on various barre moves. Having that “firm foundation” helps make your practice that much better! 


Follow Neighborhood Barre on Instagram and Facebook @neighborhoodbarreknox for additional ways to view inclusive workout offerings. You can find Neighborhood Barre offers two Knoxville locations, Bearden and West Knoxville. To find a studio near you, or for additional information visit their website.

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