Earthquakes – are you covered?


“Did you feel that?” That’s the question our office was abuzz with on Monday afternoousgs hazard map for earthquakesn. Across East Tennessee, residents felt the tremors from the 3.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Campbell County.

Thankfully, no major injuries or damage resulted from Monday’s earthquake. However, this event does serve as a good reminder of another question consumers should be asking. Do I have earthquake coverage?

A standard business or homeowner’s policy doesn’t automatically come with earthquake coverage. Additionally, the United States Geological Survey’s hazard map puts Tennessee in a moderate to high-risk area for earthquakes.

Should a larger earthquake cause catastrophic damage to your home or business, having this added coverage will be of paramount importance. Homeowners and business owners alike could be faced with major repair costs and no coverage from their insurance carrier.

Most earthquake coverage also covers landslide, mudslide or mudflow that results from an earthquake. With Tennessee’s hills and often steeply sloped properties, land movement due to an earthquake poses as another potentially financially devastating exposure for property owners.

At Wyatt Insurance, we recommend adding earthquake coverage to your insurance program, whether it is for your business or for your personal insurance. If you haven’t reviewed your coverages recently, contact our office today to set up your consultation.

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