Growin’ It:

Cruze Farm

Growin’ It: Cruze Farm

In this episode, Andy Huddleston of Wyatt Insurance sits down with Colleen Cruze Bhatti, who, along with her husband Manjit, is the proprietor of Cruze Farm. Colleen has grown up around Cruze Farm, as it was her parents Earl and Cheri who started Cruze Farm in 1980. 

East Tennesseans love their Cruze Farm ice cream, as well as the culture and brand that Colleen and Manjit have helped to build. In this video we explore Colleen’s first exposure to ice cream (0:39), their early relationship with Knoxville’s Market Square Farmer’s Market (1:23), and when Colleen first knew that she saw a future for herself in the family business (2:45).

Most of us know Cruze Farm by their ice cream, but as Colleen was learning the ropes of the family business, one of her first lesson’s from her father Earl was proper milk and buttermilk technique (3:19). She also shares with us her love of ice cream and how the desire to build that part of the brand grew (4:58).

“I love ice cream, and I realized at the Farmer’s Market how much fun it was to sell ice cream. It made kids happy, and adults happy. It was a happy food for everyone,” said Colleen about her love for selling ice cream.

From their pop-up on Union Avenue (5:37), to their distinct branding…think gingham dresses.. (7:15), to who the first employees were (11:37), to the history of the Asbury Road location (13:07), this video gives an inside look into what helps to make Cruze Farm such a special place. 

Since filming this video, Colleen and Manjit have two new exciting additions! The first was the welcoming of their baby boy in November and the second is their new ice cream shop location that will be opening soon in Sevierville, TN!


In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we want to highlight how Cruze Farm has pivoted and adapted in order to continue to serve their customers.  

*Face masks for their employees, as well as proper social distancing and sanitation protocols

*Curbside pick-up at downtown store

*Drive through at Asbury Rd

*Cruze Farm Pizza Barn pickup at Asbury Rd location

*Dairy Drop-Offs (Order your pints of ice cream and pick them up from your choice of five different locations)

**Dairy Drop-Off locations: Clinton, Jefferson City, Sevierville, Seymour and West Knoxville


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