Growin’ It:

Crawl Space Ninja

Growin’ It: Crawl Space Ninja


If you live in the Knoxville area, you may have wondered what exactly a crawl space “ninja” is. Their signs and billboards are distinct, as are the services they provide. Michael Church, owner and founder of Crawl Space Ninja, explains that the original focus of his business was air quality, which then morphed into crawl spaces as well. 

He explains that over 50 percent of the air in your home is coming from your crawlspace, so if it is dusty and dirty, you can expect that to make its way into your home too. 

Michael and his wife had several business ventures prior to starting Crawl Space Ninja, so by the time he started this business, he had learned it was important to be creative in both his networking and marketing strategies. 

In the early days of Crawl Space Ninja, Michael would call the phone numbers on work trucks and invite those people to coffee. At coffee he would explain their product and their high priority on customer service. Michael says that many of these early “grass-root” referral sources are still in force for Crawl Space Ninja today. 

Michael also discusses the elusive “overnight success story” that we also heard about in the Two Roads Growin’ It episode. He mentions that most people do not see the early days, they see when the business has become a success.

One thing that Michael embraced from an early time was the use of video. He knew that YouTube was owned by Google, so he decided to start creating videos on what exactly crawl space encapsulation is, mistakes to avoid, how to do it yourself (a facet of their business), and much more. 

In this next phase of Crawl Space Ninja’s journey, Michael is partnering with franchisees throughout the country. With his widespread YouTube presence, he can now reach more communities via his franchises and their crawl space “ninjas.” 

To learn more about Crawl Space Ninja’s services and franchise opportunities, you can visit their website or watch their YouTube videos.


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